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Mike Agugliaro Will Captivate Your Audience

Mike is on a mission to transform humanity.

Mike started his professional career as a struggling electrician who went on to grow two 8-figure businesses that he sold within five years of each other.

Today, Mike runs two companies — a personal peak performance company and a business investment firm. From these two companies he will impact a million people or more in 100 countries or more in 10 years or less.

Mike is an engaging speaker who has spoken all over the world, earning thousands of dollars to speak. He captivates small and large audiences of every age and profession, including blue collar contractors, dentists, doctors, automotive professionals, financial professionals, IT professionals, and even more than 4,000 high school students at a national conference.

Mike is a fearless and engaging speaker who will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Endorsements from Recent Events Where Mike Agugliaro Was a Featured Speaker

Profitcon 2022

Shop Hackers Conference 2022

What Can Mike Share With Your Audience?

Mike is available to speak on a variety of topics, including prepared, customized, and entirely new content.

  • Any audience

  • Any location (or online)

  • Any event, workshop, or podcast

  • No matter what transformation you want for your audience

Email team@fudoggroup.com to request Mike to speak to your group.

suggested topic:

Mindset Mastery

Massive personal transformation in your life starts with mastering your mind. Mike will teach the key strategies.

suggested topic:

“The Land Of Possibility” Case Study

Mike reveals the secrets that led to his personal and professional success.

suggested topic:


Mike shares everything he knows to create more personal wealth. (Hint: It starts in the mind!)

suggested topic:

Science Of Greatness

What does it take to be great in life? Mike explains the secrets of greatness, broken into a science!

Play A Bigger Game

Watch as Mike captivates an audience of IT professionals. (In fact, in this session, Mike stepped onto stage only moments after the previous speaker complained that the audience was not engaged.) Hear how Mike captures their attention and keeps them riveted throughout the presentation.

(This video contains excerpts from his presentation.)

How To Think Differently To Grow

In this full keynote presentation, delivered at Mike Michalowicz's (Profit First) ProfitCon, Mike shares a powerful and transformational mindgrowth strategy while engaging a room full of financial professionals and business owners.

The Greatest Wealth Secret Ever Told

Mike has spent years studying the art of engaging audiences, which he expertly does in person and online. In this video, Mike shares a masterclass training to an audience of business owners from around the world.

Jay Abraham describes Mike Agugliaro as “one of the most provocative, important, impressive movers and shakers.”

Jay, who was identified by Forbes as one of the top five executive coaches, admires how Mike has “fought a never-ending battle for prosperity, for success, for superiority, for sustainability, for joy and fulfillment, and for preeminent performance.”

I agreed a few years ago that I would get involved in Mike's world as an advisor and as a frequent contributor when he has his high-level groups come together. I did it originally because I had the privilege of seeing the unique caliber of impact Mike was making, the rather stunning level of thinking and understanding and leadership instruction he was bringing... and how people started doubling and redoubling and even redoubling again their results, their success, their stature, and I wanted to be a part of it because I'm very, very committed to being associated with anyone who gets people constantly taking positive, profitable, progressive and meaningful action. And that's what Mike is all about.

—Jay Abraham, 21.7 Billion Dollar Man and Highest Paid Marketing Consultant

“Mike Is A Thought-Leader”

Kevin Harrington, one of the original "Sharks" from Shark Tank, identifies Mike as a thought-leader who can help people transform their personal and professional lives. Fellow “Shark” and venture capital investor Kevin O'Leary has shared the stage with Mike a couple times, and says, “Mike Agugliaro is the real deal!”

“Mike's presentation style is energetic, content-rich, and filled with examples.”

Dale Beaumont, CEO of Business Blueprint, one of the largest business training companies in Australia and New Zealand, has brought in Mike to speak to his members a couple times. Dale says his members were “blown away!”

“Mike has a knack for helping you identify how to unpack your super powers”

Jackson Millan has spent the last 10 years shaking up the wealth industry and proving what a real wealth coach and strategic adviser should do. He describes Mike as "an absolute phenom in the personal development space."

About Mike Agugliaro

Mike is on a mission to impact 1,000,000 people in 100 countries in 10 years or less.

He runs a business investment firm that invests in high-performing entrepreneurs that want to grow to an exit. He also runs FuDog Group, a peak performance training company that helps people enhance their personal lives.

Mike is also an author and speaker.

When he's not serving the world, he's spending time with his beautiful wife, Jennifer, at their home on the Jersey Shore. Mike is also a tattoo artist and holds multi Black Belts in a variety of martial arts.

Email team@fudoggroup.com to request Mike to speak to your group.

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